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The Oshkosh Kennel Club sponsors Training Classes open to the general public. These classes are available for owners of both purebred and mixed breed dogs.  This flyer was prepared to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions about obedience, agility and conformation  training.




People train their dogs for a variety of reasons — to make them better companions, to make them better behaved household members, to have fun, or to compete in Obedience, Agility or Conformation Trials.  The Oshkosh Kennel Club has something to offer for any reason you want to train your dog.




Our class instructors place emphasis on teaching you to teach your dog the correct behavior.  We believe in positive reinforcement — REWARD for good behavior, and CORRECTION for unacceptable behavior — not PUNISHMENT.  Teaching your dog acceptable behaviors makes it a much more pleasant companion for you, your family and friends.




The Oshkosh Kennel Club offers the following classes. The instructors can help you decide which one is right for you.





Introduction to Obstacles - This class is for people interested in starting a dog in Agility.  Participants must have graduated from the Beginning or Pre-Novice Obedience Class.   The aim of this class is for dog and handler to become comfortable with the agility equipment and the contact points of the equipment.  All work is done on lead.  Experienced agility handlers will guide participants in learning safe techniques for all of the obstacles.

Puppy Agility - This class is for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old.  The goal is to introduce the puppies to agility at a level consistent with their mental and physical development.   The puppies will begin to perform basic agility obstacles such as tunnels, jumps on the ground, lowered "A" frame and the like.  We will also begin some target training.   The puppies will perform some very basic sequences.  All of these activities are intended to prepare handlers and puppies for future agility classes of a more formal nature.


Beginning Sequencing Agility - In this class participants will learn to move from obstacle to obstacle.  Participants must have graduated from the Introduction to Obstacles Class and the Intermediate Obedience Class.  Work is done off lead.


Agility Weave Pole Class - The purpose of this class is for the handlers to learn how to teach their dog how to do the agility weave poles.  Proper entrance and speed in the weaves will be the goal of this 6 week agility class.  Class participants should have already completed the Intro to Obstacles class. 


Advanced Agility  - Participants must have graduated from the Beginning Sequencing Agility Class.  This class will focus on putting together all you have learned in the first two agility classes to enable you to run a full agility course.  Successful agility handlers will help you get ready for agility competition.


All standard vaccinations including Bordatella vaccine are required prior to admission to these classes. Aggressive dogs will be excused from classes if the problems cannot be corrected.




Beginner's Conformation - This class is for dogs and handlers who want to prepare themselves & their dogs for breed competition. Experienced handlers offer instruction in proper techniques of showing in the breed ring. This class is geared towards Junior Handlers and/or people who are just starting out in the dog show world, or people who just want to brush up their skills a little. Enrollment is required, 8-week session.


Drop-in Conformation Class - This class is for people who are interested in starting or fine tuning their pure bred dogs for breed competition. This class is geared toward the experienced handler with inexperienced dogs and/or puppies. This is a great opportunity for socialization, questions, tip exchange, etc. This is primarily a "run-through" for dogs & handlers. There is a $5 fee per class per person to participate. No enrollment required.




Puppy Kindergarten  - This class is for dogs 8 weeks to 6 months old who need to learn socialization, how to walk on a leash and to come when called. This class provides you the opportunity to learn about caring for your puppy, general grooming common to all dogs and an opportunity to discuss your puppy problems with an experienced puppy trainer.


Pet Obedience - This class is for people who want to learn the basics necessary for training their dogs to be well behaved at home and in the community. You will learn how to train your dog to heel, (walk by your side on a leash) sit, stay and come when called. This class is for dogs at least 6 months old.  Each Beginners class has at least 2 instructors who can give each class member personalized attention.


Intermediate  - This class is for people who wish to go beyond the basics. In this class you will learn more about training and handling your dog, including off leash heeling and sits.  This class is recommended for people who want to become involved in Obedience competition but is open for anyone who wants more experience in training his/her dog. Graduation from the Beginners class is required for admission to this class. Experienced instructors are available for personalized attention.


Advanced - This class is for people who wish to polish their Intermediate skills in anticipation of competing in Open or Utility level competition at Obedience Trials. Extensive work in heeling is provided. Proper handling techniques are emphasized and Obedience Trial rules are explained.





This class is new for 2004.  Rally Obedience will become an AKC titling class in January of 2004.  Rally Obedience consists of specific exercises that are performed on a course designated by the judge.  Signs specifying the exercises are laid out by the judge in a competition.  The course was modeled after Rally Road Racing, although speed is not a factor in Rally Obedience.  Accuracy is not as precise as formal obedience although completion of the exercises is expected and you can talk to your dog in the ring, just like agility competition.  Come see what this new and exciting class is all about!




All matters regarding and concerning training classes will be handled by a committee comprised of Board Members, all trainers and any other club members interested in being on this committee.  There are well structured class guidelines and handouts for both obedience and conformation.  These will be used as a class syllabus by all insturctors to insure standarized teaching in all of the Beginning Obedience Classes.  All classes will be taught in accordance with AKC standards, AKC rules and AKC regulations.  Any new training techniques are welcomed by the Training Committee but must be approved by the Board and Training Committee before they can be introduced to any class. 


Obedience Instructor Guidelines - All interested OKC members in good standing are welcome to participate in the Training Committee.  As a general requirement, every OKC instructor or assistant must be active in the sport of obedience.  Only in this way can we hope have the experience necessary to help with the problems our students come up against.  Each instructor and assistant is required to attend trainers meetings as often as possible.  Trainers and assistants are responsible to be present for all classes they are scheduled to help with.  If they will miss a class, they are responsible to find qualified replacement to fill in for them.


In addition to the above requirements, instructors must have achieve a Companion Dog Title and completed at least two sessions as an assistant - preferably with differently instructors - and received the recommendation of a class instructor.  In order to be an instructor for the advanced classes, the corresponding title must have been achieved. 


As a continuing commitment to both the OKC trainers and the training classes, funds are available to help subsidize the cost of attending training seminars.  Each trainer may choose one training seminar a year they would like to attend.  After showing their registration information to the treasurer they will get a check to put toward their fee.


Conformation Chair Guidelines - The Conformation Chair is responsible for either teaching or arranging for teachers for the conformation class.  As a general requirement, the trainer of the class should be active in the sport in the area of conformation.  Considering members of the class will bring dogs from different groups, the trainer should have come expertise with a broad range of breeds.


Signing Up For a Class - Any person interested in signing up for a training class must come to orientation to sign up for that class.  Those that cannot come to orientation may call after orientation to determine if there are any open places in the class.  OKC members should call the Head Trainer to make these arrangements.


OKC members may sign up for more than one class per session, however, they must make the commitment to finish the class session including graduation.  OKC members should recognize that free training is a privilege and that their training slots would otherwise be available to the paying public.  If it is necessary to miss a class, the instructor should be notified - if possible - prior to the class session.  If a member feels they may be missing three or more classes in a session, they should consider waiting until the next session to take classes.


People that are not OKC members need to progress through the obedience classes in the normal sequence starting with either Puppy Class or Beginners Class.  If someone has gone through an obedience class(es) through another club or organization they may sign up for the next progressive OKC obedience class provided they furnish proof of completion of the class(es) with the other club.  Due to the possibility that OKC classes may cover more or less ground than another club does, the instructor will retain the right to request a handler and dog be moved to a different class level if the handler and dog appear to be in the wrong class level.


OKC members who have trained a dog before may waive the Beginners obedience class and enter their dog directly in the Intermediate Class providing the dog is over the age of 6 months and has mastered the basic techniques covered in Beginners Class. Again, the instructor of the class will retain the right to request the handler and dog be moved back to Beginners Class if the handler and dog are not ready for Intermediate Class.   This policy leaves more openings for the paying public in the Beginners Classes.


It is desirable to sign-up participants for entire class sessions of Conformation Classes as this assures that all class members have covered all the materials and techniques presented by the instructor as well as guaranteeing OKC the full class fee.  However, at the discretion of the class instructor, OKC members who qualify for free training may be allowed to participate in the class on a week to week basis.  This may be done only if the class is not at full enrollment.   Those opting to participate in a class on a week to week basis needs to understand there is no guarantee of a spot in the class from week to week - additional participants will be added on a first come - first serve basis.


Training classes that reach full enrollment at orientation shall be marked as such on the sign-up board.  Additional people can be added to the class only if someone that signed up at orientation drops the class.


No one may join an obedience training class after the second week unless they receive permission from the class instructor and then only if the dog and trainer are able to perform up to the current level of the class.


Dropping a Class - If someone registers for a training class and finds within the first two weeks that they are going to be unable to attend the training class they should contact the class instructor or Head Trainer.  After stating their reason for not being able to continue the class they will receive one-half reimbursement for the class fee.  No refund will be made for individual classes missed by a member of a training class for any reason. 


Class Rules - A dog may have only one handler throughout the course of a class session.  Especially during the beginning stages of training consistency is necessary to allow a dog to learn and this is best achieved through one handler.


Bitches in season MAY NOT attend an obedience class.  It is not fair to the rest of the dogs and handlers in the class when an animal's attention is uncontrollably focused on anything other than the person trying to train the dog.  However, the owner of the bitch in season should attend the class their bitch misses as they should observe the techniques and/or lesson taught that evening and work on those items during the period the bitch is unable to attend classes.


Bitches that are in season - BUT NOT DRIPPING - may attend conformation classes as bitches are shown in season in the conformation ring.


All handlers must clean up after their own animal.  This holds true for "deposits" both inside and outside the building.  Any handler that repeatedly neglects to clean up after their dog outside will be asked not to return to the class.


Handlers must have their dogs under control at all times.  If a dog continually disrupts a class it may be asked to leave the class.  Any dog that appears as if it may nip at another dog or person may, at the discretion of the class instructor, be asked to muzzle the dog during the time it is in the building.  If the instructor feels any dog may attack another dog or person, the dog will be removed from the class. Due to the risk of a law suit it is extremely important any dangerous dog be removed from a class when the handler proves they are either unable or unwilling to control their dog.  If a class instructor would like a second opinion prior to removing a dog from their class they should request either another trainer or the Head Trainer observe their class. If the instructor encounters any difficulty removing a handler and dog from their class they may obtain help from the Head Trainer or/and the Board of Directors.  A possible pro-rated refund may be reviewed by the Board for handlers and dogs removed from a class.








Next Orientation is Monday, September 18, 2006


Schedule of Classes


CLICK HERE TO SEE CURRENT SCHEDULES  (Agility classes will also be 8 weeks long this session)


Please bring your dog's current shot records along with you to orientation.  Please do not bring your dog to orientation.   Training leads and collars are available at the club house.


The Oshkosh Kennel Club offers special rates for dogs adopted from the Oshkosh Animal Shelter and for 4-H Dog Project Trainers.









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